Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tragic Thursday

A bit sad this morning. I am sitting with my cup o coffee this morning watching the news on the Haiti earthquake and feeling blessed on one hand that my life has not been turned upside down (which sounds really selfish), and on the other hand very sad as I cannot imagine losing everything and not being able to do anything about it. If you can, support God's children.... thru your church, American Red Cross or even in your prayers. These families not only have lost material items... but mother's have lost children, husband's have lost wives, children have lost parents... it is heartbreaking.

In my own little world, I found out this morning that one of my college professors has passed away. Dr Stuart McGhee... who taught my 8AM Western Civ class... He truely made education come alive!! He yelled, he jumped on desks, he CHALLENGED you to be excited about life and live it! He will be greatly missed.

Now for totally non-depressing stuff... I am loving the Facebook posting of changing your pics back to a retro picture... now we are getting to see folks as children or younger adults... I personally don't have one online but hoping someone will send me one or I can scan one.... they are too cute....

Enough rambling... my coffee cup is empty and its time to start the day!!!

See you soon!

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