Monday, January 18, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Howdy folks... Had 2 folks tell me that I have an can't imagine why they would think that!

Today was a nice, fairly warm Monday morning. I did an orientation call for a part time teaching position and went for an interview for another part time.. Lets see you pans out first!

Spring is in the air... at least that is what I am telling myself. I am sure we will pay for the warm (40's) weather but for now I will enjoy it.

I am still watching all the rescuing down in Haiti and its just heartbreaking. There were TONS of orphans before and there will be even more now. I wish the adoption process wasnt so lengthy and expensive. I have the room and the love and even the money for the day to day... but the $$$$ thousands do adopt... I cannot do. Ahhh well if the Good Lord wants me to... He will provide.

My friend at work is getting her sweet little princess from China soon (crossing fingers here)... and she is just darling. She will have wonderful loving parents.. what more can a child hope for.

Thats my soapbox for today...
Short and Sweet

Be Blessed

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  1. Hey girl! Good luck on the job front. Here's hoping you get the one you want. Thanks for the comments on my blog. As far as a tutorial for distressing stuff, all I do is paint it, let it dry, and then take a piece of sand paper and rub the edges mostly. Easy as pie! Hang in there, you will have more as time goes on. Heck, give something away ~ that makes them flock to you!! LOL!