Friday, January 15, 2010

Flooded Friday

WEEEELLLL.. We did go to the Farm Show... We saw, we ate and ate some more... Fresh made potato powered donuts, chocolate milkshake, french fries, deep fried mozzarell cheese cubes... YUMMM. Artery clogging, fattening, totally bad for you... but it tastes so good.

My youngest daughter wanted to bring home a cow.... I wanted to bring home an alpaca.... we came home with neither.

However, we came home to a bit of a problem. The water faucet in the garage decided to come loose and flood the place. Three inches of standing water, water shooting up to the ceiling!! Oh my Lord! Got the water shut off, swept out, plumber called and $100 bucks later I am the proud owner of a sealed shut pipe.

I've got to go out an make sure that nothing got ruined... but I am betting some of my hubby's magazines did... sigh....
Well its fixed now and I'm exhausted.

Be Blessed
See you soon.

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