Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Well, as you can see I did a little cosmetic work to the blog last night. Tell me what you think. If you haven't guessed by now, blue is truely my favorite color. The 100+ year old Victorian we just bought was made for me. The formal living room is painted blue, the living room has blue in the wallpaper pattern. I love my house... even if its old and drafty. This spring we hope to do some painting in the dining room, which is currently pink-purple.... hmmm cream and blue maybe? As soon as I can figure out how to put pics in my posts, I will share those with you.

I was thinking last night as I was updating the blog about how technology has changed our lives even from when we were children. I was watching home movies from the 60's/70's of my family and its amazing the quality of movies now. Then we were not able to call on a phone from anywhere, heck many of us didnt have phones. Computers in the home were unheard of and now the majority have at least one in the home or access to a computer thru work, library, friend etc.

No video games, no dvd's... as a kid... if you wanted to play, you played with what you had or you rounded up friends or family... Were they the good ole' days? In some ways... yes.... However, our kids will think NOW are the good ole' days when they are grown with kids of their own...

Gotta go pluck my gray hair.... geez getting old talking about the olden days!!

See you soon

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  1. Looking good, girlfriend!! I love the polka dots! To download pics in my posts, I just click on the little picture icon at the top of where you are typing and it will let you upload images from your computer or from the web. I usually just find whatever pics I am wanting (if they aren't from my own camera) and save them to my picture file. To me, it makes it easier to find that way. When you download (or upload, I never get that one straight!), it will automatically put your pics at the top of your post. I just cut and paste them where I want them to appear in my post. Easy peasy. I saw on FB where you had asked me about my siggy. I found that while surfing the web and just saved it to my picture file and I just upload/download it to every post I make. Let me know if I can help you with anything, k? Take care and keep warm!