Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Happy Birthday Eve to me... What a day. Got to work and was immediately told that 82 people were being let go.... Keep it quiet.. but be ready for the fallout.. be there for your staff. None of my folks were cut but some of their friends in other departments were.
Very sad. Some have been there for 10+ years, others started about the same time I did. I dont think this company has ever had layoffs before... very telling about the state of the economy.

Well, I guess no one is interested in my soap giveaway... Woo hoo for the 4 of you who signed up!!! You have a 25% chance of winning.

Am looking forward to the weekend. Weather is supposed to be just beautiful and I hope to get out in the sun and enjoy... and hope you do the same!!!

Have a great night.
Be Blessed

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Soapy Sunday Giveaway

Happy Sunday! As promised I am doing a soap giveaway for Easter.... I will be drawing the random winner on Easter Sunday and will mail it out soon thereafter. I found some Shea butter yesterday, so I will be sending a green shea butter bar, pink shea butter bar, dark pink glycerin bar and 7 seashell soaps (glycerin). I love these soaps and love to give them away as well. I am working on some new "flavors" and trying new recipes so who knows what kinds of creations I will make.

I am soon sending my MIL/SIL a soap care package and cant forget my sister or cousin..... Im slow so bare with me....

Rules for this giveaway are as follows:

1. You must be a follower of this blog... If you aren't already, nows the time to sign up and leave me a lovely note.
2. Must live in the USA... sorry folks.. shipping is brutal.
3. Must leave a message on this post only.
4. If you repost on your blog, I will give you a second entry.
5. Sit back and relax and I will draw a winner on Sunday April 4th.

Have a great day folks.
Be blessed

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Good Saturday Morning, Ahhh the weekend. Sure wish it would go as slowly as the week does...
Work is frustrating. My current boss resigned and we found out in my unit how the reporting is going to go. Logical step would be to make me the manager as I am second in command and have been involved in all the projects with my boss.... but..... NOOOOOOO not gonna do it that way. We get to report (temporarily) to another units manager, who knows nothing about my unit. And they are going to post the position... I can apply for it if I want to... but like a friend told me, if they wanted me in that position, I would be there by now. And after the meetigng yesterday, it is very clear, I will never be manager of my unit. Therefore, there is no advancement in this company for me. Despite my 7 years of supervisory/managerial experience, I am still not good enough.
So job hunting it is. Found 2 positions that I will be applying for this weekend. Cross your fingers for me!

So... as the weather is gonna be sunny and cool, I decided it was a good weekend for some chicken noodle soup. A family favorite in this house.... Now I have some chickend stock, but am going to add a can of this and a can of that.... If you are watching your sodium, use low sodium and rinse the rest
                            2 cans chick broth
                            2 cans diced chicken
                            1 can corn
                            1 can carrots
                            1 can green beans
                            1 large package of egg noodles
Bring your chicken stock, veggies to a low boil, add the noodles and simmer till done. This soup is better the longer it simmers... Add any spices you wish... I personally use some Mrs Dash....

Doesnt that look yummy!!!! Will hit the spot this evening when the temps start to drop!!!!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday

Good morning to you all!!! My cold is still hanging on for dear life and I feel like a truck ran over me... therefore... no candle making, no soaping, no nuttin. I'm doing good to get to and from work and feed the children!!! I promise I will get there soon!
I am still having my Easter Giveaway, so will post about that very soon.

Wanted to give a shout out to my sister Mary. She took the plunge and created a blog.
Now she is crafty like my cousin Donna over at One Country Girl and darn it all... I didnt get the crafty gene at all!!! But,... Hoping to get some new ideas for my house as well.
She has posted some of her decorations and I am thinking I need to be painting some jars... check out her blog and you will see what I mean.

Short and sweet... I need cold meds so Im off...

Keep me in your prayers... My boss and resigned to take a new position and its up in the air as to who we will report to!!!

Mary;s website is.

Take care all

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Spring

In light of the fact that spring is just around the corner... on the calendar.... I have decided to post Spring pics of two of my favorite places.... It was sooo warm outside and sunny today... I LOVED IT. I cant wait to take pics of what pops up in my yard in the next couple of weeks... I have seen green peeping thru but as we just bought the house in August... not sure what surprises I may be in store for.

So... my two favorite spring places are....... Washington DC... Can you say Cherry Blossoms?? Except now that I look at it.. this pic might be dogwood... lol... (ok.. pretend people) and my mostest favoritest spring place is Texas... OMG the wildflowers down there are GORGEOUS....

Just something about that color just settles me.

So there you are.... Short and  sweet and just a touch of color... Now get out there and ENJOY THAT SUN!!!

Until we meet again,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday!

Where did the weekend go?? Super busy with Melissa's play. The kids did a wonderful job. I'm so proud of them. Each night the play was sold out so hopefully they raised lots of money. I know the concessions I worked sold out both nights... Thats a good thing! I hope you can see these pics they are really cute...
We has kids come from several counties away to see our musical.
Anyway, short posting today... Hope to get back to my regularly scheduled programming soon!!
I hope to be posting my Spring/East Soap Giveaway very very soon... So keep watching!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Transformation Thursday

Well the decorating bug has bitten me in the beeee hind (sorry for the pun) and I decided to spruce up the upstairs bathroom.
Now hubby is not a big fan of when I tackle projects so... I didnt tell him... No need to stress him out huh? (I told him after it was done).
So.... my little helper and I went shoppin'. We picked out a great sage green color (So I thought) but was a shade darker than I wanted... It dries lighter... right? UMMM no... how about darker. (I always was a little backwards).... pretty color but just not quite right... sooooo to the basement I went as I KNEW the previous owner left some paint down there.

Hmmm found some eggshell... wonder how this will look... So I took my trusty paint stick and poured..... a lovely sage-ish color for my walls... I am posting pics but be aware... these are the post paint unfinished stuff... so dont look at the mess... The window shade is broken thanks to one of my 4-legged critters chasing a stink bug!
Notice the ugly green sink in the corner... that will be changed someday. And so will the pink shower curtain. I have one with yellow/green/blue in a patchwork pattern that will go much better. Its hard to get pics of the entire bathroom and I know you cant see the lights... but they are handing lights with roses painted on them. The sink also has two mirrors hanging up that I will re-paint the frames to an ivory color to better match.... And i found a beautiful coordinated boarder to but about 1/2way up the wall. I tried to cover the switchplaces but the boarder is too thick. so maybe I can find some tacky paper or something to cover them with. I will post truely after pics as soon as it is all done. I hope to get it done this weekend. Unfortunately, hubby wont get here in time to see our oldest daughter in the school musical. He is NOT happy... but nothing we can do about it now.
Okay, thats it for now!!
Be Blessed.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Soapy Sunday

And a sunny one at that. I am so excited to see the sun. Just stepped outside with the dog and its already nice outside.
I wanted to share my Craigslist find. I love Craigslist!! Over the last couple of years I have gotten tons of stuff off there... Victorian wingback chairs (practically new) with pillows, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, chair, entertainment center, couch, candle/soap stuff (todays story), dressers, chest of drawers, buffet, piano ... etc etc. Im sure I have forgetton  a bunch of stuff.
Fridays haul was gotten from a couple who had used the candle/soap stuff to make things for their daughters wedding. Now for any of you who do this.. you know it aint cheap!!! So for $25 let me share what I got:

Not pictured is a 25lb block of wax for candles... Here's the rest
Its hard to see all the stuff... 2~10 lb tubs of glycerin for soap, multiple soap and candle scents and colors, wicks, plus a roll of wicking, 2 books, multiple candle molds, pot and pan to melt the wax, tart molds~small and large (24 total), bags of sea shells, seashell molds (those are the silicone ones in the pic) another container of wax....ummmm just tons of stuff... probably if you price it all out $150 ... the glycerin and wax alone are probably $100. So I am very excited to start some new recipes.... I need to go online and look for some different scents as well.
I will be doimg more soap this afternoon... I have had a request for oatmeal and brown sugar. so will see what I can do to accomodate!!

So until we meet again
Be blessed

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can it Really Be Thursday:?

Wow this week has flown. I guess thats what happens when your coworker is off to China for her baby and you are picking up extra work.. ANNDDD one girl is in piano and working on recital and one is in the school muscial and back and forth to practice... Sheesh, Im tired just thinking bout it! I need a "Moms Taxi" sign for my truck!!!

Well, I am seeing tons of GREAT giveaways and Im so excited that Spring has almost sprung that I too shall have a giveaway!! As most of you know Im not a huge or talented crafter (and if you could see the clutter in my house you would think I have ADD) so I will give away.... SOAP... Now as you have read I am just getting into soaping and quite enjoying it I might add... but am giving it away as fast as I can. I am hoping that some good karma will come back to me and couldnt we all use that right about now!

So.... be prepared... be on the lookout for... Easter/Spring soap... I am having visions of pinks/yellows/greens.. woo hoo Im getting excited here!

So until we meet again... dream of soap...

Be Blessed.