Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well Hello There

I figured I'd better check in before I forget I even exist. Life is full and busy, which is a good think.
Dear Hubby is home, off the road and we are all very happy. He has taken a 3-11 Monday thru Friday and an occasional saturday. I hope it turns out to be as good as they are saying it is... We sure could use the break.

My oldest is going to her dad's for 2 weeks. They are already trying to talk her into coming to live with them, but she is my girl, my mama's girl and she won't go. Not that I would let her

My baby girl is going to her Noonie's for a week. They get some 1:1 time and mommy and daddy get a break.I'm happy they get to spend some time together this summer. Will be good for her.

Work is going well... if you remember (or not), I left my old company for a new one... We have had some folks who have left or are leaving but for the most part I am not sorry to see them go. One was just cancerous and told numerous lies about me and my boss before and after we came to the company. All the stories are coming to light and its just amazing....
So hopefully, possibly, maybe... some re-organization is going to go on and I maybe getting the managers position. I hope so... I feel like I am doing that level of work now, or I'm

So... with the Motorcycle club, we have been spending time with them and getting to know other folks... Its a lot of fun and this is the perfect time of year to ride. So we are really enjoying the fun and hope to continue to some time to come....

Thats me in a nutshell.. I could go all philosophical on here or crafty (which I have not been lately), but for now will just say good-bye.