Friday, April 23, 2010

Whew its Friday

WOW what a busy week. Softball games started this week... two back to back and we are Worn Out!!! Melissa got her Beauty and the Beast DVD and Im singing all of those songs in my head again. Im kinda disappointed in the quality of the DVD for what we paid for it.. but its my baby's high school acting debut so... I will deal with it!!!

Here's a pic of my little player... Gotta love those freckles across her face... She's a great 1st baseman... They played will and cheered each other on... Great team this year...

Hard to see in this one, but her hair is in a ponytail. Otherwise she wouldn't look like a This is the first year we have had pants for softball, other years it was shorts....
She is #7 this year!!! Mama will have no voice after the games.. Gott yell for Miss Riley dontcha know!!

Ewww sorry this is so bad... but whoever took it has a bad camera... Meliss is in the center... hold ing basket (green dress.. behind the girl in the red skirt). I will see if I can find some better pics and give Miss Hollywood her shout out as well!!!

Thats all my craftiness for the day!
Be Blessed

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Silly Sunday

Quite the chilly morning here in south central PA, but warmer weather is on the way... I hope... I am sitting here trying to talk my 8 yo dd into going to the flea market with me. Doesnt even matter if I buy anything. I just like to go and "window" shop.

Wanted to catch you up on my bath salts. I found the recipe online and decided to try it. Its a mixture of epsom salt, sea salt, table salt and some peppermint essential oil and pink coloring... (its like a peppermint candy). I mixed it allll up and let it sit for 24 hours and put them in really cute jars. Now I need to spice up the jars a bit with some jute or raffia and some prim fabric (gotta find some) and they they will be complete. This stuff smells SOOOOO good!!!
Sorry for the quality of  the pic. I am working from a cell phone camera here and some baddddd lighting!

Thats my fun for today. I need to get off here and do allllll the stuff I didnt do yesterday as I was freezing at softball practice and spending time with hubby before he went back on the road. Now I gotta get allll that cleaning done (yuck)... Why oh Why couldnt I win the lottery so I could hire someone to clean for me???

Have a great day everyone
Be Blessed

Monday, April 12, 2010

Makeover Monday

Well, I didnt really make over much of anything, but the name is catchy and I have stuff to show you. I wrote last about all the shopping I did and wanted to share some of my bounty... I found

at our local flea market... Its adorable and if I had lots of money and a way to carry all of it... I'd have brought home a dozen, all shapes and sizes.
I also found
which I will hang somewhere.

Now I needed some decoration for my front doors.. So I found 2 beautiful blue baskets and added white flowers and maroon stuff... here it is close up.The baskets are actually a bit darker than what they show. I love them! And I can change the flowers with the seasons if I want.I need to buy some spray sealant and seal the baskets so the weather doesnt destroy them.
I founds a couple of other treasures too.... a basket with an old spoon and rolling pin. I need to figure out what to paint it, a littel shelf for my bathroom and some cute jars for my bath salts... I will show those off in another post... gotta get some stuff done around here!!!.

Be Blessed

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When it Rains....

You see a double rainbow!

Busy, scary, exciting day here. I had  my second interview for a new position. It went very well and I hope to hear from their HR on Monday... if the $$ is there... I'm going.

Came home from work and decided to take the dogs for a walk before I started dinner... Got almost home and there was a black/white pittbull that flew off a neigbors porch after my dog. I literally hung Kennedy in the air to keep her away from her... and she went after Cooper. Now my 100 lb dog is a weinie when it comes to big ish dogs.. so he was trying to get away from her as she is growling and snapping at him. His owner was tryng to grab her, I was trying to grab mine as he pulled out of his collar trying to get away from her.... I told her the next time I see that dog without a leash I was calling the police. Thank God, neither of my dogs were hurt (scared), and Thank God that my youngest daughter was not outside with me.... but it scared me pretty bad....

Im working on a couple projects this weekend ( I took tomorrow off work), gonna melt some beeswax, hit the goodwill stores, buy some fake flowers to put in two blue baskets to hang on my front doors... Will post a pic when they are all done...
I fell like this week just got away from me.!!

Take care...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day or Two Later

Man O Man, what a computer virus can do... been working on my puter for the last couple of days...

First things First.... Winner of my Soapy Sunday Giveaway is...... Angie over at Berry Homespun Primitives!!! Congratulations Angie,... please send me your cotact info and I will send you your SOAP!

Am working on locating boxes for all those others that I promised soap as well... I havent forgotten!

Hubby made it home for Easter so between that and the BEAUTIFUL weather it was a very nice weekend. Now back to work and reality. I had a presentation yesterday and today I have meetings with our vendor.... allllll morning..... Joy Joy... At least the people are nice.
I found another surprise out in the community.... Found a lady who was selling her candle and soap supplies and some raw beeswax... Soooo I went to pick it up! 9 ..... 5 gallon tubs of raw beeswax... yes I said it.... 9... some full, some half full.... Smells so sweet.. so sometime this week (prob this weekend as we have piano, softball etc) I will be melting beeswax to get rid of all the girl and garbage in it... and will have some pure wax for candles or whatever!! hmmm... may try to sell some of it as well...
Well folks.... thats it for me... Gotta go put on my meeting suit and play nice in the corporate sandbox.

Have a great day all.