Sunday, April 18, 2010

Silly Sunday

Quite the chilly morning here in south central PA, but warmer weather is on the way... I hope... I am sitting here trying to talk my 8 yo dd into going to the flea market with me. Doesnt even matter if I buy anything. I just like to go and "window" shop.

Wanted to catch you up on my bath salts. I found the recipe online and decided to try it. Its a mixture of epsom salt, sea salt, table salt and some peppermint essential oil and pink coloring... (its like a peppermint candy). I mixed it allll up and let it sit for 24 hours and put them in really cute jars. Now I need to spice up the jars a bit with some jute or raffia and some prim fabric (gotta find some) and they they will be complete. This stuff smells SOOOOO good!!!
Sorry for the quality of  the pic. I am working from a cell phone camera here and some baddddd lighting!

Thats my fun for today. I need to get off here and do allllll the stuff I didnt do yesterday as I was freezing at softball practice and spending time with hubby before he went back on the road. Now I gotta get allll that cleaning done (yuck)... Why oh Why couldnt I win the lottery so I could hire someone to clean for me???

Have a great day everyone
Be Blessed

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  1. You can't win the lottery cause that is what I am going to do! LOL! The bath salts look great! It's cold here too. We may hit up a couple of flea markets shortly, who knows??!! Have a great Sunday!