Monday, April 12, 2010

Makeover Monday

Well, I didnt really make over much of anything, but the name is catchy and I have stuff to show you. I wrote last about all the shopping I did and wanted to share some of my bounty... I found

at our local flea market... Its adorable and if I had lots of money and a way to carry all of it... I'd have brought home a dozen, all shapes and sizes.
I also found
which I will hang somewhere.

Now I needed some decoration for my front doors.. So I found 2 beautiful blue baskets and added white flowers and maroon stuff... here it is close up.The baskets are actually a bit darker than what they show. I love them! And I can change the flowers with the seasons if I want.I need to buy some spray sealant and seal the baskets so the weather doesnt destroy them.
I founds a couple of other treasures too.... a basket with an old spoon and rolling pin. I need to figure out what to paint it, a littel shelf for my bathroom and some cute jars for my bath salts... I will show those off in another post... gotta get some stuff done around here!!!.

Be Blessed


  1. Love those baskets. They look great on your front doors! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Love your goodies! Those blue baskets are awesome and look great on your doors!

  3. Love the basket for your front door...very pretty.
    Wow the bowl is beautiful too.

    Glad you enjoyed. Isn't it always the case when we find goodies...never enough money!!!!


  4. Karen, your front doors are beautiful! I love that they're double AND red! Those colors are the exact ones I wanted when we built our home (I call it Federal blue) - you see it a lot in New England. But the mean builder wouldn't let us do it!

  5. I love my old Victorian house... if you are ever down this way, let me know and I will show but gotta pick up the disaster area first...aggghhh.


  6. I like your bounty of goodies that you discovered! For me, sometimes it's a good thing I don't have much money on me... my home would be overflowing. Hehe! I'm always seeing something I want.

    I LOVE your front door area, so beautiful! I only have one red door. ;) The blue baskets look good and like you said, it'll be neat to change it out with the seasons.

    Have a great weekend Karen!

  7. Hello from Texas! You're a Candle maker! Maybe I can learn how!Hahaa
    Happy weekend!!