Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Sunday Post

As promised from my down in the mouth post... I wanted to share our latest project!

A couple of weeks ago when I bought my soap supplies, we also picked up some Soy Candle Wax.
Well, last night we decided to get adventurous.....

Miss Riley (who is 8) and I decided to make these candles... We couldnt find the color bar, we did find the fragrance bar, so we went to work.

Mom did all the dangerous stuff... using a double boiler method... aka soup pot and old metal coffee can... we started on our adventure....

The wax melted quickly... the color we use for soap didn't work in the candles.... and we set up our votives for pouring.... aka... dixie cups and pre done wicks. We joked that the melted wax looked like pee.... I preferred apple juice and I wouldnt want to pee in a

We poured.... and waited... and stuck a toothpick in the candle to get all the air out... and poured again... known as recapping.... and today... here is what we have....

Beautiful white soy candle votives.(see my coffee can in the back?).. I need to cut the wicks.... and I think we shall burn one today... just to see how it goes...
Honestly, after it was all over... we decided we liked the melt & pour soaps better... and I think we will do more of those today as well.... Riley found a gingerbread man cookie cutter that she wants to use for a mold.....

So another successful project!!!
Be Blessed

Searching Sunday

Im contantly amazed at why I (or maybe we... is it just me?) feel guilt.... Guilt and stress about things that are out of my control, guilt over things that others have done... Is it just the weather... because I am battling the winter blues? Do I need light therapy, do I need meds?

Yesterday was a great example. I had to send a mom an email regarding some information I had about her son. I have known this kid for about a year now... I truely believe he is clinically depressed... (no, I am not diagnosing~ am speaking of symptoms Ive seen during my nursing career). An email that he sent my daughter was truely heartbreaking and I literally sat here and cried. It just cried out about the pain that he is in... life is dark for him, he feels hated and alone and the only light in his life was my daughter and now they have broken up... he knows its for the best but he feels like he is in the dark alone..... he has been like this for a while... and battles it fairly successfully, most of the time.

He hinted at suicide, cutting, drinking, pills.... he's one of those clean cut, B student, athletic kids who appear squeaky clean....
So I emailed his mom.... I chickened out and could not do it over the phone.... but I know that if it were my child... I would want someone to let me know...
She picked him up from where he was (in a group thing~ my daughter was there).. and I dont know ~~ or need to know~~ what went on from there....

His mom sent 3 words... Thank you Karen.... I hope it helps... I really do... I love this kid... he is potential to the max.. His mom stresses him out, she pushes him to hard... (again, my opinion from what Ive heard)...

So Why do I feel guilty... he will be angry at my daughter, me... but if he gets some help... its worth it.

Why do we feel guilty over that which we cannot control...
One of the things that bother me.... is when my Mom passed away, we forgot to take shoes to the funeral home... stupid I know... she is prob happier without shoes anyway... but it bugs me... (sorry mom :(...)

I feel guily when I lose it and yell at my kids... over stupid stuff... and even tho I apologize... Im sure they will still remember it. I feel guilty about my sister... I feel like I should be the one to take care of her... even tho she is a grown adult...

Sorry for my ramblings.... just wanted to get these thoughts on paper... will also post on my soy candles that were made last night... lighten things up... Sunny days will soon be here and my mood will lighten... Come on  Spring!!!

Be Blessed

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 Thursday Things to do with $5

I was reading my Womans Day Magazine last night and found an article titled 50 Things to do with $5. So I am picking out my 5 favorite to share with you!!!
1. Love to Knit or Crochet?? Goet a skein or two or more... of gorgeous high quality yarn... starting as $1. from
2. For those days when getting just one thing done seems like an accomplishment, use "I will do one thing today" 2x3 sticky notes $1.99 at
3. Buy a few inexpensive cards, write messages of love adn appreciation and give them to your closest friends
4. Indulge your sweet tooth, guilt free with a mini Ben & Jerry's mini cup... About $1.99 each.. by two and keep one for those REALLY bad days when you need a pick me up.
5. Spend it on veggie seeds, start your own garden and share your bounty

These are just a few of the 50 obviously... but one NOT in the book... is grab a drink and head to the flea market... you just NEVER know what you might find there!!

sorry so dark... but

I found this crock at the flea market.. ( I LOVE crocks)

This one my Mom had and I inherited.. I can remember pulling stuff out of this as a kid...

And I love this one for my table. tho its on
my mantle right now...

Thats it for now....
Be Blessed!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Young Love

As I watch my oldest daughter, her eyes are downturned, she has lost the bounce in her step, her easy smile is a little less easy... I tell her she is allowed to be depressed, and try to focus on other things for now.

You see, she and her boyfriend just broke up.... probably for good this time... They had a 6 day break a couple of months ago which was heartbreaking to watch. But got back together to try to make it work.
But.... I believe this time it is truely over.

It brings me back to when I lost my first love.... DW... truely the first man I really loved. I was a bit older than she is... but I remember the pain... the loss, the dispair. Fortunately time heals all wounds and of course there were others as obviously I am married... but you never really forget. Its not just the person that you lose, it's the hope of a life together, all the plans you have for your life... children, travel, the white picket fence, the sharing of all the good times and the bad... that loss is just as hard as is losing the human contact.

I wish for her that I could make it better... that I could say something, do something that would make it hurt less... make it go away... make it tolerable. But this is something that no one else can fix.... she will heal... and smile and find some other boy that will make her head spin... but not now... she needs to grieve.

I think back to when DW and I broke up... I was crying to my mom .... AGAIN and she told me, that I was not dead, I was alive and had my whole life ahead of me and that I was grieving like someone had died.... and thinking back... it was not someone... it was something.... that hope for my future with him...

We have been in touch over the years... he is doing well... I still ask about his family... its easy now... friendly...
That is what I hope for her. They will see each other every day.. they are in high school together and he has one more year.. They are in the school play together... he the light, she on stage...

This too shall pass, the smile will come back and she will be herself again, with just a small part of her heart that is gone..
But that is the wonderous thing about people... our hearts grow larger the more we love...
Her sun will shine again..... I love you Melissa and only want you to Dance!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Soapy Sunday

This morning was the morning to pop my soaps out of the molds. I was on a soapmaking adventure last night. I still dont have any cool molds right now, but did the basics and came out pretty good.

I made some cold cream soap.... white with red swirl in it... floral fragrance. I had hoped I had swirled the color to the bottom but it didnt make it. Smells great tho!. Also made some coffee/cream soap, smells like vanilla coffee...ummmm tried to get hubby to use that one but.. no go.
A few more that I made were chunk soap... those are the clear with the blue chunks, Green with the blue chunks (which smells like apple) and the white cream soap with purple in it... Smells heavenly. i wish I could attach smells here too!
One of the prettier ones turned out to be the layered soap... kinda looks like a watermelon soap... without the seeds. I need to cut this into slices but wanted to show it anyway.

Wellllll there are my soaps...I used one of the white cream/purple ones this morning... feels nice and silky. Lathered up pretty good too....
My next soap I will make with a clear base, add some coffee grounds... would be a nice prim soap.... especially if I dont make it toooo square. I will have to obtain some opinions!

Be Blessed

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Saving Saturday

I am going to share with you one of my favorite stores. Not only for the prices, but i generally go at the same time so I see the same employees and they are always soooo friendly. Now I can shop anywhere, but if you give me GREAT customer service.... Im there!! Ever heard of "The Telephone Doctor"? This is a customer service educational series... The lady who does it is sooo right on... If you work in a CS field or just want some learing for the employees... check it out. It's so worth it. AND she came to speak to us in person as well. She's a heck of a funny person!
Ok... enough of my plug there.

My fav store right now is.... Aldi's. I know many of you arent close to one... and Im sorry about that. I try to use coupons as much as I can, but I find I can still save money over that at this store (they do not take coupons by the way as they are non-name brands)
So don't be a name brand snob... Check this out....
I spent 87.71. Im feeding 1 1/2 adults (dh is home part time) 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs... and occasionally an extra child ( I like it when my kids have friends over... most of the time).
On my trip I bought:
24 cans of cat food ... 7.68
Red beans & rice boxed .99
Disinfectant wipes 1.39
Chicken Ramen noodles (gross but Riley likes them) 1.79
Snack crackers (like ritz) 1.79
Mashed potatoes boxed 2 @. 99 each
frozen egg noodles (wanted to try them). 99
8 oz chunk cheese 1.79
Italian sausage 2.29 (made baked ziti last night)
Ground turkey 6@1.19
Fudge brownie mix 1.19
Whole wheat pasta 1.09
3lb bag of rice 1.49
60 piece storage set (where do they all go??) 6.99~~ its like 10 cents per piece
Celery  4 stalks/packages whatever they are called 99 cents each!
crm mush soup 4@.59 each
Bouillon cubes- one chick/one beef 1.29 each
Tuna- 10 cans at .49 cents each
pinto bean .99
chick noodle soup 6@49 cents each
sandwich bags 1.95
dried egg noodles 2@.99 each
Canned corn 4@.55each
2 sliced carrots @.59 each
Chili beans.59
kidney beans.59 (Im seeing chili in my future)
creamy pnut butter 1.39
evaporated milk.75
paper towels 3@65each
large eggs 2 @ 1.45 (they are frequently .99 each here... chickens must be on strike)
64 oz of apple juice1.19
Gal 2% milk 3.49
6 white bread (yes I should eat wheat).79 each
potato chips (my downfall) 2 @ 1.29 each
4 cans of dog food (added to dry)at .49 each

Thats it... dont think I missed much
Now of course I havent tried everything from there but so far all have been comprable to the name brands. I just need to go fill in veggies, replace my curling iron (thats a story in itself) get some hair color (man I am getting gray) and a few other things and Im set!!! Im still trying to decrease my food budget as hubby is not making quite as much as we need right now, My salary went down as my hlth insurance went up and we are at a wage freeze... soooo gotta squeeze somewhere!

Hope this gives you some idea... boring I know... but its my life!!

Be Blessed

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soapy Tuesday

Hello all!!! The more I read and check out all the sites for making soap the more I want to do. It is not a cheap hobby to start, you need the bases and fragrances and colors and molds... But oh what different kinds and color and stuff there is....
The colores are pretty, and its USEABLE. How frugal is that. I believe this weekend, I will make some coffee soap, maybe some cold cream soap... just for fun. I love all the stuff you can do with it....
Im in crafting nirvana right

My other new passion is SCRABBLE... As my hubby is an OTR truck driver we certainly arent together alot .... so after he stops driving at night we get on POGO and play Scrabble... It all good fun nad helps my

Short and sweet, but wanted to pop on and say HI... I know many of you do Prim stuff so will see what I can do. I know I can package prim... so its a start!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the Winner Is......

Now for the second post of the day... I had to wait until my random generator got out of bed and we ran a few errands (picked up more soap base at Michaels's with my 50% off coupon....)
My random generator for the angel is.......


Lynn at Country Heart and Roses...... !!!!!

Congratulations Lynn, please send me an email with your mailing info and I will get this giveaway out to you!!
Of Course you may have to wait until our coming 4-8 inches of snow is over... but She is on her way....

Thanks for all who entered... I was very, very excited to see just how many entries I had.

I may have to have a giveaway for my new soap making hobby!

Be Blessed

Happy Valentines Day

Hello friends, I wanted to wish each one of you a Very Happy Valentines Day. If your hunny is near or far, give'em a squeeze. We all need to hear I love you!!
The girls V-day cards are waiting on the counter with a small something tucked away, the 4 legged critters got a goodie too, so its all good.

For Valentines Day, I have embarked on a new hobby ~~ My hubby is gonna kill Soap Making. I am starting with Melt & Pour because it is easy and my girls can help, but the more I read, the more I want to venture into Cold Process (using Lye and stuff like goats milk, olive oil, shea butter etc) but that will have to wait until I can get a digital scale (you have to measure by wt) and a stick blender and away I go.
Riley (my youngest) helped with the adventure last evening as you can see. We ended up melting the goat milk base in the microwave because someone was a little excited and couldnt wait that long!!!
We used a lovely pink color and some floral fragrance and TA DA.... the finished product turned out just beautifully! We are going to give the hearts away to our friends for V-Day and the bars.... who knows... Maybe another giveaway?? I wish you all could smell them. They are lovely.....
So for all my family and friend.... You know whats coming your way for birthdays, holidays... (They are so patient with my experiments).

Now for the Give-A-Way.... I am waiting for my Random Generator to get our of bed and will be a postin' the giveaway later on today... Cross your Fingers!!!

Be Blessed

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One year Giveaway by Holli at "Where the Rooster Crows"

Go on over and take a look. Some REALLY cute stuff... and she has an appreciation for the All American Cowboy... how could ya not love her...
Show her some love folks

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowbound Wednesday

Good morning everyone. Well we are snowed in again, which is why I have been MIA for a few days. 24 inches the first round and we are expecting 12-20 more!!! Gotta love February!
My company closed today (which is almost unheard of), schools are closed but Hubby had to trek into work. He took my SUV with 4WD instead of his mustang! Smart choice huh?
Here is a pic he sent me on his way

Pretty nasty stuff....
Wanted also to share a bit more of my family... the 4 legged ones anyway! They keep me as busy as the two legged ones do!

This is Kennedy, she is a 4 month West Highland Terrier that we got when she was about 7 weeks old... She's Mama's baby!

This is Cooper. He's our 2 year old Chocolate Lab. He weighs about 100 lbs and thinks he weighs Kennedy.
These are my cats Buddy (in the bag) and Chevy amid the mess. All my pets were rehomed pets! Im proud of that.
And Last but Not Least .... our two Guinea Pigs... Roscoe and Cody. Roscoe is the Black/White one and Cody is Brown... For gp's they are huge!!!

Well.. now you have met my 4 legged critters! Welcome to my Zoo!! May post some 2 legged critters eventually!

Just a reminder.... My giveaway sign up time is almost over... so if you havent signed up yet... better hurry!!!

Be Blessed

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its not over yet!

Last night was snowy enough, hubby and youngest daughter shoveled about 6 inches off my deck, driveway etc. Howevr, this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland. My poor Westie ~~ can't even walk in it. She had to go pottie inside on a pee pad. And we are expecting about 6 more. Should be fun.
Thank God my hubby is here to help shovel and I have a horrible head cold and am losing my voice (tho the family likes that ).
Here is a pic of a chair on my deck.... We have about 18 inches I would guess!
Aint it purty??

Weekend inside ... thats for sure.
Be Blessed and stay warm!


Friday, February 5, 2010

2X in one Day!!!

I saw this and just had to share... especially as my previous post was talking comfort food!
Got this from Aunt Lu (Thanks Lu!)

I think I may just try it this weekend.... then I can give you an update!!

Coffee Delight Cake-In-A-Mug
Makes: 1-2 servings Total Time: 5 min

Category: Desserts Sub Category: Cakes
what you need

4 Tbsp. plain flour
4 Tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. Maxwell House Instant Coffee
1 egg
3 Tbsp. milk
3 Tbsp. oil
2 capfuls vanilla
3-4 Tbsp. assorted (optional) add-ins: Baker's Coconut Flakes, chocolate chips, Planter's Nuts, candy bits

make it
Add dry ingredients to a LARGE Coffee Mug and mix around with a fork. Add egg, mix thoroughly. Measure into your mug the milk, oil, and vanilla. Mix well.
The last step is to fold in your choice of optional add-ins (all or some).
Place mug in microwave and cook for 3 minutes (1000 watts). Cake will rise above top of mug-it's ok. Cool and eat!

You just KNOW I'm adding Chocolate!!!


Ready for the Snow?

It's a comin'. The word is out that we are expecting about a foot of the white stuff but thank the stars, no ice!!. I gave you my Pam tip yesterday to help keep that snow from sticking to your shovel.

Now there is a couple of good things about being snowed in.. (Please don' throw things at me!!)
1. You can eat ALL kinds of yummy comfort foods...
2. You can get a jump start on all that cleaning you have been postponing.

Now for the food.... I'm not sure what I'm gonna make this weekend.. but I would bet its gonna be fattening.
But for cleaning, I do have a couple of tips for you.

You know those annoying dryer sheets that seem to end up everywhere after you do laundry? Take a used dryer sheet and use it to clean your chrome on your sinks, your mirrors, etc. They have just enuff scrub in them to get the job done and are soft enough not to scratch anything! And they are FREE.

Also, with a Hubby, 2 kids, 2 dogs and myself, I am seeing spots of mysterious origin on my carpets. But I dont have time to clean the whole carpet (I really do ... I just dont want to )... so:
Get out that can of shaving cream.... rub some of it into the spot with a wet cloth. Let is set for 5-10 minutes and remove that stain! Works great on cloth furniture as well. (for my disclaimer~~ check for colorfastness first).
I promise I will post some pics of my zoo this weekend, so you will see just why I need to clean my carpet!

Be Blessed... even in the snow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Thursday

Good afternoon folks. Just wanted to drop by and say hello. We are expecting yet another lovely winter wonderland begining tomorrow and hope everyone is getting prepared....
I wanted to share a tip with you to help with that winter shoveling. I know that heavy snow likes to stick to my snow shovel and that I have to tap it to get the snow off.
Well here is a tip for you!!
Take that Pam  you have tucked away in your pantry and give your snow shovel a coating. This helps to prevent the snow from sticking and it slides right off.  Not only is this great for cooking (as One Simple Country girl has noted) but it works around that house.

Also this stuff is great for those locks that are sticking and your WD40 is lost in the garage. Now I dont want to think about what this stuff is made of (ignornance is bliss), but it sure is handy to have around.

It was suggested to me that I post pics of my lovely 4 legged canine children, who have learned to tell time (5AM on the nose). My next blog hopefully will show you a before and after of my Westie ~ Kennedy after I attempt to groom her and make her look less like a whooley sheep and more like a dog.

Be Blessed... Stay Warm.... and See ya Soon!


Monday, February 1, 2010

I just have to say.... DUH

All excited this morning I went to see how many new followers I had ... ZERO... Whatever could be wrong..., I posted my giveaway... she's really cute...

Then it dawned on my .... DUH NO Pics STUPID!!! Pardon the lack of quality..... my camera isnt working so I used my next best thing... my cell phone!! She does have eyes.... and the coco mix is from Red Rabbit!

So here they are... :
Hope you likem'
Be Blessed