Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Soapy Sunday

This morning was the morning to pop my soaps out of the molds. I was on a soapmaking adventure last night. I still dont have any cool molds right now, but did the basics and came out pretty good.

I made some cold cream soap.... white with red swirl in it... floral fragrance. I had hoped I had swirled the color to the bottom but it didnt make it. Smells great tho!. Also made some coffee/cream soap, smells like vanilla coffee...ummmm tried to get hubby to use that one but.. no go.
A few more that I made were chunk soap... those are the clear with the blue chunks, Green with the blue chunks (which smells like apple) and the white cream soap with purple in it... Smells heavenly. i wish I could attach smells here too!
One of the prettier ones turned out to be the layered soap... kinda looks like a watermelon soap... without the seeds. I need to cut this into slices but wanted to show it anyway.

Wellllll there are my soaps...I used one of the white cream/purple ones this morning... feels nice and silky. Lathered up pretty good too....
My next soap I will make with a clear base, add some coffee grounds... would be a nice prim soap.... especially if I dont make it toooo square. I will have to obtain some opinions!

Be Blessed


  1. Hi Karen,
    I think for just starting out you have done beautifully!

  2. Looks like your soap turned out pretty good for your first try! I bet they smell great!

  3. Your soaps look beautiful and I can almost smell them -- Mother's day is in a couple months : )