Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Sunday Post

As promised from my down in the mouth post... I wanted to share our latest project!

A couple of weeks ago when I bought my soap supplies, we also picked up some Soy Candle Wax.
Well, last night we decided to get adventurous.....

Miss Riley (who is 8) and I decided to make these candles... We couldnt find the color bar, we did find the fragrance bar, so we went to work.

Mom did all the dangerous stuff... using a double boiler method... aka soup pot and old metal coffee can... we started on our adventure....

The wax melted quickly... the color we use for soap didn't work in the candles.... and we set up our votives for pouring.... aka... dixie cups and pre done wicks. We joked that the melted wax looked like pee.... I preferred apple juice and I wouldnt want to pee in a

We poured.... and waited... and stuck a toothpick in the candle to get all the air out... and poured again... known as recapping.... and today... here is what we have....

Beautiful white soy candle votives.(see my coffee can in the back?).. I need to cut the wicks.... and I think we shall burn one today... just to see how it goes...
Honestly, after it was all over... we decided we liked the melt & pour soaps better... and I think we will do more of those today as well.... Riley found a gingerbread man cookie cutter that she wants to use for a mold.....

So another successful project!!!
Be Blessed


  1. How cool to make your own soaps and candles!

  2. They turned out so cute. The dixie cups are a great idea.