Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Saving Saturday

I am going to share with you one of my favorite stores. Not only for the prices, but i generally go at the same time so I see the same employees and they are always soooo friendly. Now I can shop anywhere, but if you give me GREAT customer service.... Im there!! Ever heard of "The Telephone Doctor"? This is a customer service educational series... The lady who does it is sooo right on... If you work in a CS field or just want some learing for the employees... check it out. It's so worth it. AND she came to speak to us in person as well. She's a heck of a funny person!
Ok... enough of my plug there.

My fav store right now is.... Aldi's. I know many of you arent close to one... and Im sorry about that. I try to use coupons as much as I can, but I find I can still save money over that at this store (they do not take coupons by the way as they are non-name brands)
So don't be a name brand snob... Check this out....
I spent 87.71. Im feeding 1 1/2 adults (dh is home part time) 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs... and occasionally an extra child ( I like it when my kids have friends over... most of the time).
On my trip I bought:
24 cans of cat food ... 7.68
Red beans & rice boxed .99
Disinfectant wipes 1.39
Chicken Ramen noodles (gross but Riley likes them) 1.79
Snack crackers (like ritz) 1.79
Mashed potatoes boxed 2 @. 99 each
frozen egg noodles (wanted to try them). 99
8 oz chunk cheese 1.79
Italian sausage 2.29 (made baked ziti last night)
Ground turkey 6@1.19
Fudge brownie mix 1.19
Whole wheat pasta 1.09
3lb bag of rice 1.49
60 piece storage set (where do they all go??) 6.99~~ its like 10 cents per piece
Celery  4 stalks/packages whatever they are called 99 cents each!
crm mush soup 4@.59 each
Bouillon cubes- one chick/one beef 1.29 each
Tuna- 10 cans at .49 cents each
pinto bean .99
chick noodle soup 6@49 cents each
sandwich bags 1.95
dried egg noodles 2@.99 each
Canned corn 4@.55each
2 sliced carrots @.59 each
Chili beans.59
kidney beans.59 (Im seeing chili in my future)
creamy pnut butter 1.39
evaporated milk.75
paper towels 3@65each
large eggs 2 @ 1.45 (they are frequently .99 each here... chickens must be on strike)
64 oz of apple juice1.19
Gal 2% milk 3.49
6 white bread (yes I should eat wheat).79 each
potato chips (my downfall) 2 @ 1.29 each
4 cans of dog food (added to dry)at .49 each

Thats it... dont think I missed much
Now of course I havent tried everything from there but so far all have been comprable to the name brands. I just need to go fill in veggies, replace my curling iron (thats a story in itself) get some hair color (man I am getting gray) and a few other things and Im set!!! Im still trying to decrease my food budget as hubby is not making quite as much as we need right now, My salary went down as my hlth insurance went up and we are at a wage freeze... soooo gotta squeeze somewhere!

Hope this gives you some idea... boring I know... but its my life!!

Be Blessed


  1. I love Aldi, but I don't currently have a car available for my use (hubby takes it to work), so I can only get stuff if friends are going. :(

  2. Hey, I'm in south central Pa too, but I haven't seen one of these near me. I'll have to see if I can find one!