Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Thursday

Good afternoon folks. Just wanted to drop by and say hello. We are expecting yet another lovely winter wonderland begining tomorrow and hope everyone is getting prepared....
I wanted to share a tip with you to help with that winter shoveling. I know that heavy snow likes to stick to my snow shovel and that I have to tap it to get the snow off.
Well here is a tip for you!!
Take that Pam  you have tucked away in your pantry and give your snow shovel a coating. This helps to prevent the snow from sticking and it slides right off.  Not only is this great for cooking (as One Simple Country girl has noted) but it works around that house.

Also this stuff is great for those locks that are sticking and your WD40 is lost in the garage. Now I dont want to think about what this stuff is made of (ignornance is bliss), but it sure is handy to have around.

It was suggested to me that I post pics of my lovely 4 legged canine children, who have learned to tell time (5AM on the nose). My next blog hopefully will show you a before and after of my Westie ~ Kennedy after I attempt to groom her and make her look less like a whooley sheep and more like a dog.

Be Blessed... Stay Warm.... and See ya Soon!


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  1. Karen, thank you for all the great tips on other uses for Pam spray! I've also used it in the hinges of my doors to get rid of the annoying squeek that they sometimes get..

    Have a great evening and weekend coming too!