Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Hello friends, I wanted to wish each one of you a Very Happy Valentines Day. If your hunny is near or far, give'em a squeeze. We all need to hear I love you!!
The girls V-day cards are waiting on the counter with a small something tucked away, the 4 legged critters got a goodie too, so its all good.

For Valentines Day, I have embarked on a new hobby ~~ My hubby is gonna kill Soap Making. I am starting with Melt & Pour because it is easy and my girls can help, but the more I read, the more I want to venture into Cold Process (using Lye and stuff like goats milk, olive oil, shea butter etc) but that will have to wait until I can get a digital scale (you have to measure by wt) and a stick blender and away I go.
Riley (my youngest) helped with the adventure last evening as you can see. We ended up melting the goat milk base in the microwave because someone was a little excited and couldnt wait that long!!!
We used a lovely pink color and some floral fragrance and TA DA.... the finished product turned out just beautifully! We are going to give the hearts away to our friends for V-Day and the bars.... who knows... Maybe another giveaway?? I wish you all could smell them. They are lovely.....
So for all my family and friend.... You know whats coming your way for birthdays, holidays... (They are so patient with my experiments).

Now for the Give-A-Way.... I am waiting for my Random Generator to get our of bed and will be a postin' the giveaway later on today... Cross your Fingers!!!

Be Blessed


  1. How cool! Those look great! Wouldn't mind getting some of those pretty bars and hearts sent my way (hint, hint!)!! Riley is too cute! Happy Valentine's Day!


    I think starting out with the melt and pour method is good to start with...get the feel of it all and how it pours and molds and
    I love buying the cold press soaps...they last so much longer and you can really get good fragrance from them.

    But with the way you are doing it right now it's wonderful for your daughter to be able to help easily.


  3. Great I love to hear that moms are teaching good things to their kids. Horray for you.

  4. Wish I were able to smell them, as they look like they'd smell just as pretty as they all look! It makes it so nice that Mom and daughter can make these together!