Sunday, June 27, 2010


Have been doing lots of thinking about family lately...Family means a lot more than just blood relatives. Family means anyone you have let into your heart and soul. It means being there for one another no questions asked. It means smacking you upside the head when you screw up (not physically) but still being beside you to help you thru.

I have blood family... fewer and fewer and I dont hear from most of them anymore... but I love them and know they love me...
I have my married family.. who have opened their hearts, homes and shared their lives with me as well...

And I my friends family... just a few... but people I love to spend time with and cherish.

I am blessed... some are alone by circumstance or by choice, but I just have to pick up the phone for any of my family to talk with me, to listen to me vent... to share my joy.

So you are you are part of my blood family, friend family or marriage family... I Love You all.. .and truely cherish each of you.

And if I dont have a pic of you... Send me one...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where does the time go?

What a weekend! It certainly was very busy. Had about 15 people over for our Summer Celebration... aka Sean and Riley's birthday party and Father's Day. Although it was very hot, we cooked out, spent most of the day indoors but everyone enjoyed getting to know each other better and eating... Some of the folks had not seen our house so we were giving the grand tour for them.

After the cookout our friends stayed and the new Iron Order Motorcycle club - the Gearheads Crew was born. Dave the president "patched in" both Sean and our other friend Damian. So we now have a President, VP and Business Manager.

Sunday was a riding day for sure... we left here on the bike about 7:30 and  headed out... at one point we had 6 bikes with 10 people.. Beautiful day to ride.

Hubby bought my vest for when us girls join the group as a "maiden".... it was a pre worn vest obviously by  a Maiden because you could tell where the patches were on previously.... too funny!
Here is a pic of us on the bike

What a great day!!!
Short and sweet for me... Till next time folks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whats good to eat?

Happy Sunday everyone, I figured I'd better write before folks think I died... lol

Was craving some pizza the other day and really didnt want to eat a huge amount of carbs... just makes me crave more... sooooo found website with THE BEST low carb pizza crust...

Now before you curl up your nose at this creation.. I'd have to say... just try it... I gave it to my 8yo and she had NO idea what it was made of until after she ate 1/2 the pizza and I told her what it was....

Here's the recipe ...

1 cup of riced cauliflower... (steamed/cooked and chopped up to "rice-like" consistency)
1 cup of mozzarella cheese
1 egg
pizza spices (oregano, garlic,
Mix it all up... put it on a welllllll greased cookie sheet/pizza pan ( I made 2 pan sized pizzas)... pretty thin in the middle... a bit thicker on the outside..
400 degrees for 12 minutes or so... (think I baked mine a bit longer and had to flip it to get it to brown on both sides)

When its done, cool for 5 then add your pizza sauce, cheese and other toppings.
Here is the final result, I ended up having to eat it with a fork but holy moly was it ever good.....

Till next time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday all, once again I made it thru another week... I dont even know how... GEEZ what a week.
This week was hell on the truck... I ran and ran and ran....
Riley had to go to the orthodontist, softball game, kids friend house, pcp and eye doctor.

Riley had a clear something stuck in her cornea and so we spent some quality time at the eye dr place... And we gotta go back this week for a checkup to make sure all is well. Her vision is still a bit blurry but is getting better every day.

Last night we went to a biker party with some friends... now dont freak out folks.. these are NOT the Hells Angels, lets cause trouble and raise hell type.
These are law abiding, good ole boys who want to be part of a brotherhood and have a good time. We are law abiding folks who just like to be a part of something. We have police, truck drivers, hard working men... No felons or law breakers allowed...
And it was fun. This was an event that we could even take the kids too.. Just a lot of food, drinks, Bikes bikes and more bikes and some fun...

This week, I hope to get things setted a bit... Still gonna do some running, but we are planning my dd2's birthday bash (for the adults~ the kid part comes later) and getting ready for that.

Thats about it for now.
Hang in there.
Be Blessed