Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where does the time go?

What a weekend! It certainly was very busy. Had about 15 people over for our Summer Celebration... aka Sean and Riley's birthday party and Father's Day. Although it was very hot, we cooked out, spent most of the day indoors but everyone enjoyed getting to know each other better and eating... Some of the folks had not seen our house so we were giving the grand tour for them.

After the cookout our friends stayed and the new Iron Order Motorcycle club - the Gearheads Crew was born. Dave the president "patched in" both Sean and our other friend Damian. So we now have a President, VP and Business Manager.

Sunday was a riding day for sure... we left here on the bike about 7:30 and  headed out... at one point we had 6 bikes with 10 people.. Beautiful day to ride.

Hubby bought my vest for when us girls join the group as a "maiden".... it was a pre worn vest obviously by  a Maiden because you could tell where the patches were on previously.... too funny!
Here is a pic of us on the bike

What a great day!!!
Short and sweet for me... Till next time folks.

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