Sunday, June 27, 2010


Have been doing lots of thinking about family lately...Family means a lot more than just blood relatives. Family means anyone you have let into your heart and soul. It means being there for one another no questions asked. It means smacking you upside the head when you screw up (not physically) but still being beside you to help you thru.

I have blood family... fewer and fewer and I dont hear from most of them anymore... but I love them and know they love me...
I have my married family.. who have opened their hearts, homes and shared their lives with me as well...

And I my friends family... just a few... but people I love to spend time with and cherish.

I am blessed... some are alone by circumstance or by choice, but I just have to pick up the phone for any of my family to talk with me, to listen to me vent... to share my joy.

So you are you are part of my blood family, friend family or marriage family... I Love You all.. .and truely cherish each of you.

And if I dont have a pic of you... Send me one...

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  1. Love that pic of your Mom and Dad, brings back so many memories! Love ya!