Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday all, once again I made it thru another week... I dont even know how... GEEZ what a week.
This week was hell on the truck... I ran and ran and ran....
Riley had to go to the orthodontist, softball game, kids friend house, pcp and eye doctor.

Riley had a clear something stuck in her cornea and so we spent some quality time at the eye dr place... And we gotta go back this week for a checkup to make sure all is well. Her vision is still a bit blurry but is getting better every day.

Last night we went to a biker party with some friends... now dont freak out folks.. these are NOT the Hells Angels, lets cause trouble and raise hell type.
These are law abiding, good ole boys who want to be part of a brotherhood and have a good time. We are law abiding folks who just like to be a part of something. We have police, truck drivers, hard working men... No felons or law breakers allowed...
And it was fun. This was an event that we could even take the kids too.. Just a lot of food, drinks, Bikes bikes and more bikes and some fun...

This week, I hope to get things setted a bit... Still gonna do some running, but we are planning my dd2's birthday bash (for the adults~ the kid part comes later) and getting ready for that.

Thats about it for now.
Hang in there.
Be Blessed

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