Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I am wishing all of my blogger friends a wonderful Memorial Day. I am truely thankful for all the military friends and family who have served, are currently serving and will serve in the future. I have true respect for all of those whose truely sacrifice for our freedoms. One of my youngest memories is of looking at my dads old army pictures when he served, and my uncles... Then I grew up to marry an Air Force man whose brother served in the Navy and whose son is now in the Army.
Now my current husband was in the Army briefly but has cousins and relatives who have served and are currently serving. I have close friends who are currently serving and its almost as hard on the family as it is on our servicemen as well. I have huge respect for you as well.
I hope no one takes our freedoms lightly. Make yourself part of America, Vote, listen to the news, get involved. This is OUR country. Let's defend and make America a proud place to live, not subservient to the world. These colors dont run... .and if you dont like them... GO HOME..... you are not wanted here!!
Okay.. .off my soapbox now...

Yesterday was a great day. The weather was perfect and the family was together. We took our girls to Eastern State Pennitenary to visit. Now if any of you like Ghost Hunters you will know this prison was featured here... We didnt see any ghosts but some fantastic architechure and had a really good time. Here are just a couple pics.
Have a blessed weekend.


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