Sunday, May 23, 2010

Its Sunday Again

Seems they come along way too soon don't they? Well, I survived the weekend and it was a pretty good one. Hubby was home for Saturday... unexpectedly, so that was a nice surprise. It wasnt the whole weekend but we will take what we can get.

FINALLY..... went and got some patio furniture. We hope to be able to see family and friends (hint hint) this summer and do some grilling out, sitting outside with some coffee, tea, something and enjoying the summer. So here is what I picked out a nice set.... still needs an umbrella but that will be coming soon.

So Come on over and sit a spell.... the housework can wait (though I did get Rileys room cleaned ~~ holy cow that was 2 hours alone, and got a couple of carpets cleaned)

Now back to work.... Leave me a message and tell me what your patio/deck means to you... Its my rest stop, my outdoor room, my window in the wind.

Be Blessed

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