Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well I knew it couldnt last forever

As we were leaving last night for Riley's open house (which was REALLY cute BTW), I start hearing, thump thump thump from my tahoe
..... So I pull over, Have Melissa check under the truck
Cause I am just sure I am dragging something foreign down the road with me... Nope the coast is clear... but Im still hearing Thump thump thump... What the heck? Now of course you MUST know that I am 3 payments away from owning the big green beast outright... and of course there is something that is going to happen when you are this close to full ownership... So I called my trusty mechanic (AKA... My husband Sean) and did the car noises over the phone to the tune of 100's of talking parents before the show.... Nope, he cant figure it out by my oh so accurate description.(??) So we make it home... thumping all the way (sounds like a bad christmas song).. get a shower... get settled and start watching Glee (I've officially become a Gleek), when my mechanic calls and says... "Come get me... I want to look at the truck"... now how fortunate is it that he just HAPPENED to be at the truck stop for an overnight and not out on the road.... So I trek off to pick him up... and after a thorough evaluation of the patient... diagnosis.... "bad wheel bearing"... Whew... something fixable.. I'm bracing myself for something really bad like.. transmission... something really expensive... but it the whole scheme of car repairs... this one isnt gonna be too awful... So hubby is going to call the shop tomorrow for me as this is something he cant fix in the driveway this weekend (yes he will be home) and we hope they can get it in quickly. But until then... I get to drive the wooo hoooo... (And no  honey I will NOT leave any trash in it).. he loves that car more than me... So for the next few days I will be a hot mama!!
See ya on the road....


  1. I'm glad it was something fixable! For what they charge for cars these days, you'd think they'd make them to last a lot longer than they do! Thanks for the tip for the iced coffee ~ I'd never thought to freeze some of the coffee! Tony & Mom are coming in tomorrow for Eric's high school graduation on Friday and Mom is going to stay with us until we take Brandon out there for the summer. Hope y'all are doing well and I hope you have a great day!

  2. I so hate car problems! You are so lucky hubby knows what he is doing!
    Woohoo, driving a Mustang!! Watch out!!

  3. Haha! Enjoy that while you can hott mama! Sorry to hear about your truck problems. Ours was acting up too when it was close to being paid off. It's like they know. Haha. Hope they are able to get it fixed quick for you with little cost!

  4. Glad your vehicle wasn't hurting any worse than it was....isn't it Murpheys Law that when something goes wrong it's always at the most inoprotune (spelled that wrong I think!) time.
    You have such a fun creative way of writing - so enjoyable.