Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Eve

First and Foremost... to all you mothers, mothers to be and mothers of those wonderful 4 legged friends HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.
Its amazing the amount of things we get into for our children.

This has been another crazy week... 2 softball games, piano practice, piano recital. Hubby did make it home so that was wonderful!

Not done a whole lot craft wise this week with all the family stuff we have been doing but as you may or may not remember we just bought this house in August, so I am having a wonderful time seeing what has been blooming in my yard.. Thus far we have had daffodils, bleeding hearts, ornamental grasses, tulips and now ....
iris'... I was just admiring a neighbors whose iris' were purple bottoms and white tops.. and hoping mine there that color.... they aren't but... Here they are!!
Purple... yes, but not quite like the neighbors... alsosorry the pic is not the best... but I also have white ones... I may have other colors.... all remains to be seen..... I will keep you posted...

Still havent painted my cheesebox... but I will get there eventually...

Blessings all


  1. Hi Karen...I looove Iris's especially the purple one...sort of like an Orchid aren't they.

    How fun not knowing what's going to pop its head up out of the ground....sounds like fun.



  2. That's the way it was when we moved into our house too. It was so much fun to see what was going to pop up and what colors. We've been here for 4 spring seasons now and would you believe we are still seeing new things pop up here and there? It is crazy! But oh, so much fun!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!