Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I am wishing all of my blogger friends a wonderful Memorial Day. I am truely thankful for all the military friends and family who have served, are currently serving and will serve in the future. I have true respect for all of those whose truely sacrifice for our freedoms. One of my youngest memories is of looking at my dads old army pictures when he served, and my uncles... Then I grew up to marry an Air Force man whose brother served in the Navy and whose son is now in the Army.
Now my current husband was in the Army briefly but has cousins and relatives who have served and are currently serving. I have close friends who are currently serving and its almost as hard on the family as it is on our servicemen as well. I have huge respect for you as well.
I hope no one takes our freedoms lightly. Make yourself part of America, Vote, listen to the news, get involved. This is OUR country. Let's defend and make America a proud place to live, not subservient to the world. These colors dont run... .and if you dont like them... GO HOME..... you are not wanted here!!
Okay.. .off my soapbox now...

Yesterday was a great day. The weather was perfect and the family was together. We took our girls to Eastern State Pennitenary to visit. Now if any of you like Ghost Hunters you will know this prison was featured here... We didnt see any ghosts but some fantastic architechure and had a really good time. Here are just a couple pics.
Have a blessed weekend.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well I knew it couldnt last forever

As we were leaving last night for Riley's open house (which was REALLY cute BTW), I start hearing, thump thump thump from my tahoe
..... So I pull over, Have Melissa check under the truck
Cause I am just sure I am dragging something foreign down the road with me... Nope the coast is clear... but Im still hearing Thump thump thump... What the heck? Now of course you MUST know that I am 3 payments away from owning the big green beast outright... and of course there is something that is going to happen when you are this close to full ownership... So I called my trusty mechanic (AKA... My husband Sean) and did the car noises over the phone to the tune of 100's of talking parents before the show.... Nope, he cant figure it out by my oh so accurate description.(??) So we make it home... thumping all the way (sounds like a bad christmas song).. get a shower... get settled and start watching Glee (I've officially become a Gleek), when my mechanic calls and says... "Come get me... I want to look at the truck"... now how fortunate is it that he just HAPPENED to be at the truck stop for an overnight and not out on the road.... So I trek off to pick him up... and after a thorough evaluation of the patient... diagnosis.... "bad wheel bearing"... Whew... something fixable.. I'm bracing myself for something really bad like.. transmission... something really expensive... but it the whole scheme of car repairs... this one isnt gonna be too awful... So hubby is going to call the shop tomorrow for me as this is something he cant fix in the driveway this weekend (yes he will be home) and we hope they can get it in quickly. But until then... I get to drive the wooo hoooo... (And no  honey I will NOT leave any trash in it).. he loves that car more than me... So for the next few days I will be a hot mama!!
See ya on the road....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Its Sunday Again

Seems they come along way too soon don't they? Well, I survived the weekend and it was a pretty good one. Hubby was home for Saturday... unexpectedly, so that was a nice surprise. It wasnt the whole weekend but we will take what we can get.

FINALLY..... went and got some patio furniture. We hope to be able to see family and friends (hint hint) this summer and do some grilling out, sitting outside with some coffee, tea, something and enjoying the summer. So here is what I picked out a nice set.... still needs an umbrella but that will be coming soon.

So Come on over and sit a spell.... the housework can wait (though I did get Rileys room cleaned ~~ holy cow that was 2 hours alone, and got a couple of carpets cleaned)

Now back to work.... Leave me a message and tell me what your patio/deck means to you... Its my rest stop, my outdoor room, my window in the wind.

Be Blessed

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Sunday

Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest... but I dont see that happening. Most of the house is presentable but there is still laundry to be done and the usual stuff... darn those kids for wanting

Today I am going to hit our local fleamarket, it covers a couple of acres and there is all kinds of "stuff" to look at. Some times there are lots of treasures, other times its just a looking expedition... so we shall see.

What I am really looking for is something to complete an Amelia Earhart costume. Riley has to dress up as this person for her school project. We have a leather jacket, we have jeans, and goggles... Im really trying to locate an aviators cap... or something close... On the back of her jacket I will tape something with her name on it so they know who she is supposed to be... Will post pics when I get her done.

Other than that, Ive been battling my body. Woke up once this week with a sore neck, woke up this morning with a sore shoulder. Not sure what I've been dreaming about but man Im wrestling with something.
And the dreaded weight is up..... and I think I found the culprit. I have been hooked on Flax Seeds lately... I just take a mouthful and chomp away... I like the taste and the fiber is good too... BUT I looked up the label info last night and about had a heart attack... one cup of these babies has 865 calories and 65 grams of fat...OMG... between a mouthful here and a mouthful there... I bet I eat a cup.. SO... beginning today... There will be a DRASTIC reduction in my consumption.... a teaspoon in my yogurt... and thats IT...


Anyway... off the enjoy the day... Please do the same.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Eve

First and Foremost... to all you mothers, mothers to be and mothers of those wonderful 4 legged friends HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.
Its amazing the amount of things we get into for our children.

This has been another crazy week... 2 softball games, piano practice, piano recital. Hubby did make it home so that was wonderful!

Not done a whole lot craft wise this week with all the family stuff we have been doing but as you may or may not remember we just bought this house in August, so I am having a wonderful time seeing what has been blooming in my yard.. Thus far we have had daffodils, bleeding hearts, ornamental grasses, tulips and now ....
iris'... I was just admiring a neighbors whose iris' were purple bottoms and white tops.. and hoping mine there that color.... they aren't but... Here they are!!
Purple... yes, but not quite like the neighbors... alsosorry the pic is not the best... but I also have white ones... I may have other colors.... all remains to be seen..... I will keep you posted...

Still havent painted my cheesebox... but I will get there eventually...

Blessings all

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Magic

Good Morning friends, just realized what a slacker Ive been lately... no posts in over a week! GASP! Guess I was busy with life.
Last weekend I went to a community yardsale near my house and came away with some treasures... mostly for Riley, but I did have one find I wanted to share with you.
I fount the great cheesebox for $5 dollars. Let me tell you I was excited. There is soooo much potential in this thing and I think I know what I am going to do with it.... keep watching folks!!. OR send me your suggesions... keep in mind my house is blue with lots of colonial blues in it.... I know what I'm planning but I'm open to suggestion.

Also, later in the week, I had a day off before my new job started so I went to a couple of the local Goodwill's here and found these:The jars and bottle I will put bath salts in and the scoop? WHO KNOWS.... I did find a couple of old shutters up in the corner of the attic, so I see a future craft brewing!

2 softball games this week, piano lessons, piano recital, hubby will be home this week so very busy week to come!

I know we are getting closer to Mother's Day. So if your mother is still with you... please do something nice for her. If she is not, light a candle in her memory and send a prayer to heaven. I am blessed with a wonderful mother in law who is like a second mom to me... so Dee if you are reading this... watch your mail!!! Nuff said.

Take care all....