Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can it Really Be Thursday:?

Wow this week has flown. I guess thats what happens when your coworker is off to China for her baby and you are picking up extra work.. ANNDDD one girl is in piano and working on recital and one is in the school muscial and back and forth to practice... Sheesh, Im tired just thinking bout it! I need a "Moms Taxi" sign for my truck!!!

Well, I am seeing tons of GREAT giveaways and Im so excited that Spring has almost sprung that I too shall have a giveaway!! As most of you know Im not a huge or talented crafter (and if you could see the clutter in my house you would think I have ADD) so I will give away.... SOAP... Now as you have read I am just getting into soaping and quite enjoying it I might add... but am giving it away as fast as I can. I am hoping that some good karma will come back to me and couldnt we all use that right about now!

So.... be prepared... be on the lookout for... Easter/Spring soap... I am having visions of pinks/yellows/greens.. woo hoo Im getting excited here!

So until we meet again... dream of soap...

Be Blessed.

1 comment:

  1. Karen.
    Soap looks great...I am fine.. the cottage has loads of soap.. clean lot believe it or not...
    Just love to nip over and see your blog x x x
    Clean or not x