Thursday, March 11, 2010

Transformation Thursday

Well the decorating bug has bitten me in the beeee hind (sorry for the pun) and I decided to spruce up the upstairs bathroom.
Now hubby is not a big fan of when I tackle projects so... I didnt tell him... No need to stress him out huh? (I told him after it was done).
So.... my little helper and I went shoppin'. We picked out a great sage green color (So I thought) but was a shade darker than I wanted... It dries lighter... right? UMMM no... how about darker. (I always was a little backwards).... pretty color but just not quite right... sooooo to the basement I went as I KNEW the previous owner left some paint down there.

Hmmm found some eggshell... wonder how this will look... So I took my trusty paint stick and poured..... a lovely sage-ish color for my walls... I am posting pics but be aware... these are the post paint unfinished stuff... so dont look at the mess... The window shade is broken thanks to one of my 4-legged critters chasing a stink bug!
Notice the ugly green sink in the corner... that will be changed someday. And so will the pink shower curtain. I have one with yellow/green/blue in a patchwork pattern that will go much better. Its hard to get pics of the entire bathroom and I know you cant see the lights... but they are handing lights with roses painted on them. The sink also has two mirrors hanging up that I will re-paint the frames to an ivory color to better match.... And i found a beautiful coordinated boarder to but about 1/2way up the wall. I tried to cover the switchplaces but the boarder is too thick. so maybe I can find some tacky paper or something to cover them with. I will post truely after pics as soon as it is all done. I hope to get it done this weekend. Unfortunately, hubby wont get here in time to see our oldest daughter in the school musical. He is NOT happy... but nothing we can do about it now.
Okay, thats it for now!!
Be Blessed.


  1. Love that green color! Looks really similar to what I have in my bedroom! Can't wait to see it all finished and decorated!

  2. Karen~ I love your sage~ish green color in your bathroom! We did the same thing when my DH & I painted our bedroom and masterbath.. the green paint color was darker than what I had orginally wanted to have in there. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they say that when we do find a paint color that we like on the color samples, that we should pick the one or two above the color that we really want, as it would actually be closer to the color we are really looking for. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet, but I plan on giving it a try next time we're out shopping around for paint colors!

    I just got home from being in Phoenix, Az. for almost 3 weeks visiting with my daughter Michele. I just got home this past Wednesday, and lo and behold there on the table was your box for me that you sent! Thank you so much Karen, as everything is absolutely beautiful, and I totally love the wonderful 2 pink Heart and Roses handmade soaps that you sent to me too!! They smell sooo good and are sooo very pretty!! I was soo very surprised when I saw them and that they both were done with a Heart and Roses to match my blogname on my blog! That was so very sweet and kind of you to do that for me! Thank you so very much for everything!!
    Have a great weekend, and thank you so much again! I am so glad that I won your wonderful giveaway that you had a few weeks back!! I love it all!!