Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Spring

In light of the fact that spring is just around the corner... on the calendar.... I have decided to post Spring pics of two of my favorite places.... It was sooo warm outside and sunny today... I LOVED IT. I cant wait to take pics of what pops up in my yard in the next couple of weeks... I have seen green peeping thru but as we just bought the house in August... not sure what surprises I may be in store for.

So... my two favorite spring places are....... Washington DC... Can you say Cherry Blossoms?? Except now that I look at it.. this pic might be dogwood... lol... (ok.. pretend people) and my mostest favoritest spring place is Texas... OMG the wildflowers down there are GORGEOUS....

Just something about that color just settles me.

So there you are.... Short and  sweet and just a touch of color... Now get out there and ENJOY THAT SUN!!!

Until we meet again,

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  1. Happy Spring to you too, Karen! Isn't spring the best? Just spent the whole day yesterday doing yard clean-up, and my bones are aching today!
    The photos above are beautiful - I can't wait for the flowering trees to bloom. Soon, very soon...

    Have a wonderful weekend,