Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Soapy Sunday

And a sunny one at that. I am so excited to see the sun. Just stepped outside with the dog and its already nice outside.
I wanted to share my Craigslist find. I love Craigslist!! Over the last couple of years I have gotten tons of stuff off there... Victorian wingback chairs (practically new) with pillows, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, chair, entertainment center, couch, candle/soap stuff (todays story), dressers, chest of drawers, buffet, piano ... etc etc. Im sure I have forgetton  a bunch of stuff.
Fridays haul was gotten from a couple who had used the candle/soap stuff to make things for their daughters wedding. Now for any of you who do this.. you know it aint cheap!!! So for $25 let me share what I got:

Not pictured is a 25lb block of wax for candles... Here's the rest
Its hard to see all the stuff... 2~10 lb tubs of glycerin for soap, multiple soap and candle scents and colors, wicks, plus a roll of wicking, 2 books, multiple candle molds, pot and pan to melt the wax, tart molds~small and large (24 total), bags of sea shells, seashell molds (those are the silicone ones in the pic) another container of wax....ummmm just tons of stuff... probably if you price it all out $150 ... the glycerin and wax alone are probably $100. So I am very excited to start some new recipes.... I need to go online and look for some different scents as well.
I will be doimg more soap this afternoon... I have had a request for oatmeal and brown sugar. so will see what I can do to accomodate!!

So until we meet again
Be blessed

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