Thursday, April 8, 2010

When it Rains....

You see a double rainbow!

Busy, scary, exciting day here. I had  my second interview for a new position. It went very well and I hope to hear from their HR on Monday... if the $$ is there... I'm going.

Came home from work and decided to take the dogs for a walk before I started dinner... Got almost home and there was a black/white pittbull that flew off a neigbors porch after my dog. I literally hung Kennedy in the air to keep her away from her... and she went after Cooper. Now my 100 lb dog is a weinie when it comes to big ish dogs.. so he was trying to get away from her as she is growling and snapping at him. His owner was tryng to grab her, I was trying to grab mine as he pulled out of his collar trying to get away from her.... I told her the next time I see that dog without a leash I was calling the police. Thank God, neither of my dogs were hurt (scared), and Thank God that my youngest daughter was not outside with me.... but it scared me pretty bad....

Im working on a couple projects this weekend ( I took tomorrow off work), gonna melt some beeswax, hit the goodwill stores, buy some fake flowers to put in two blue baskets to hang on my front doors... Will post a pic when they are all done...
I fell like this week just got away from me.!!

Take care...


  1. Oh how scary about the pit bull and shame on that neighbor for not keeping others safe from it!

    Sounds like the interview went well, sending up prayers that if it's in God's will, it will happen for you!


  2. Morning frightening for you with the other dog....I know what you are saying about people not having their animals on a leash...especially a teritorial kind of dog.

    Praying you get this new position!!!