Friday, April 23, 2010

Whew its Friday

WOW what a busy week. Softball games started this week... two back to back and we are Worn Out!!! Melissa got her Beauty and the Beast DVD and Im singing all of those songs in my head again. Im kinda disappointed in the quality of the DVD for what we paid for it.. but its my baby's high school acting debut so... I will deal with it!!!

Here's a pic of my little player... Gotta love those freckles across her face... She's a great 1st baseman... They played will and cheered each other on... Great team this year...

Hard to see in this one, but her hair is in a ponytail. Otherwise she wouldn't look like a This is the first year we have had pants for softball, other years it was shorts....
She is #7 this year!!! Mama will have no voice after the games.. Gott yell for Miss Riley dontcha know!!

Ewww sorry this is so bad... but whoever took it has a bad camera... Meliss is in the center... hold ing basket (green dress.. behind the girl in the red skirt). I will see if I can find some better pics and give Miss Hollywood her shout out as well!!!

Thats all my craftiness for the day!
Be Blessed

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  1. Beauty and the Beast? How fun!!

    We started softball also... it's so much fun to watch your child out there on the field, isn't it? My daughter has freckles across her face too! So cute! My daughter had an all pink helmet. She's outgrown pink, but not the helmet so I painted her helmet lime green and black-- their colors. It's so cool looking!

    Have a great week Karen!