Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Nothing exciting to talk about today.. .but I'm thirsty so... thats it!
My favorite drink is Turkey Hill diet Green Tea. I could drink a gallon a day (I have) and still want more.
When we lived in New Hampshire my brother in law actually brought me up two gallons when they came to visit. It was great.

Now they have it in NH, but hey I'm back in PA so I can head to ye ole grocery store and pick some up myself.

So... what is your favorite drink..? Why do you like it? Thats your assignment. You don't have to reply... but something random to think about....

Just got an email  from my cousin, who I have no seen since I was probably 17 and she was probably 7ish... She looks just like a combination of her mom and dad so very recongnizable to me. She is going to scan some old pics of my dad when he was younger. Im excited. Lots of our pics disappeared... (sorry Mary.) think they got lost in a few of my sister moves... so I dont have many of Mom or Dad anymore....

Anywho.... Will post them here if/when she sends them... I can't wait.

Be Blessed

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