Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Friday

I am sitting here on the computer amazed at the technology of today... (yes I know I wrote about it earlier too). I got a friend request on Facebook from my cousins son. I have not seen this kid since he was probably about 7 or so...
I just remember this little skinny blond kid. Who knows, between all the family that is befriending me I might actually be able to do my family's geanology on my dad's side. (its been done on my mom's side).

This weekend is just some grocery shopping and some house keeping. I did go pick up some stuff at Aldi's tonight. I thoroughly recommend that store... I have found very few things I like from there, even the fruits/veggies are pretty good. I was chatting to the cashier tonight ~~ I see her quite often there and she was telling me that per their store policy they throw away a lot of food.... If their bread is 5 days from the expiration date they throw it away in the dumpster. Almost makes me want to go dumpster diving.

How sad is it that Haitians are starving right now and Americans throw away perfectly good food....

There is my commentary for the day.
Here is my frugal tip for the day:
Shop at Aldi's and dont buy more than you will eat!

Be Blessed

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