Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Good Morning all, Well the best laid plans are always interuppted by my loving family. Both of my girls are home sick today and therefore Mommy is working from home. So thankful that I have that option if I need it.

Last night I had a representive from Andersen windows come for an estimate. Now, dont get me wrong... they are top notch quality and very very will made products... however, when he gave me a final estimate I almost fainted...

21 windows... 37,000 dollars... yes that is correct... not a typo.... OMG that is a HUGE percentage of what my house even cost me. There is NO WAY... unless I hit the lottery... that I could ever afford to replace all of these windows.
I know they will have to be replaced at some point... our house is 110 years old... and some of the windows have probably been here quite a while. So I guess I will have to replace a few at a time.
One of my friends suggested another company as well, so I may get an estimate from them as well...

Still trying to think of a giveaway.. I  need more followers so I have to come up with a focus/ a gimmick...

Today my gimmick is Frugal!!! Today's frugal tip is ...... Obtain at least 3 estimates when having work done. Check with the Better Business  Bureau and remember... cheapest is NOT always the most Frugal!!

Be Blessed

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  1. Whew! That is a lot of money. I'm playing the lottery with a group of coworkers so if I win, I'll replace your windows for you! LOL!

    Hope the girls feel better soon!