Sunday, January 24, 2010


NOT!!!! I had high hopes of being able to grab my newspaper, cup o coffee and relaxing this AM followed by some quality reading time or  movie watching.
But ALAS, it was not to be.

My oldest daughter and her boyfriend broke up last night. It breaks my heart to see her so sad. I know very well that we all go through it and we all survive but as a mom I am supposed to be protecting her and nurtuing her. So between crying and being angry today ... shes a mess... Ahhh this too will pass.

Then my sister calls, I love her very much but she has such bad luck with men... I wont go into details but I may write a book and sell it to Hollywood... its just so dramatic and unbelievable. So if you believe in prayer, please send one her way.

And to top it off, my poor husband was stuck for almost a week in California getting work done on his truck... FINALLY got out of the area only to get halfway to his destination and the stinking truck is acting up again. We just cannot win for losing.

So... Happy Sunday all. I am ready to go back to work and get some routine back in my life!!

And FYI, am thinking about a giveaway... want some more followers to my blog.... so... gotta get those creative juices flowing.

Be Blessed.

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  1. Hey girl! I know what you mean about bad luck. Seems like if we weren't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any! I'm sorry about Mel and her boyfriend. I sometimes think it's harder on us then it is on them, don't you?? I hate to hear about Mary. I will give her a call and make sure she is o.k. Take a deep breathe ~ this too shall pass!
    Love ya,