Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Year and a Re-Do

Now as many of you may know, over a year ago we moved into our new home. A 110 year old victorian type house. I love this house and the previous owner took fantastic care of this house and we still speak occassionally. Lovely lady...
Well now... There are a few cosmetic things I want to do... One of them is to repaint the top part of our dining room... Currently it is a pinkish/purple color with the white beadwork .. love the beadboard... the color above... ummm not so much... Pics later on that one...
Hubby and I cannot quite agree on a color as of yet... so it remains... ummm purkle...

Now the kitchen is what I dislike the most.... Gray whitewashed cabinets and old peeling (read... ugly) wallpaper... so instead of working on teh dining room, hubby and I actually agreed on what to start with in the kitchen...
The current plan is to paint the cabinets white and change the hardware... easy as pie... What to do with the walls is a bigger problem... There appears to be NO insulation in the outer walls... our glasses come out chilled from the cabinets but as I cannot afford someone to come blow insulation... its gotta wait... unless someone has a better option??

I started peeling wallpaper to see what Im dealing with and it appears there is just some paint under it... Okay... check... easy enough... Now I just need to decide what to paint it. I am thinking of going red... but have heard reds are hard to paint.... may end up red with some faux something so it doesnt look so bad... and I am thinking that with the kitchen cabinets white... the red wont make the kitchen tooooooo small. (Its small enough as is).. So i bought some white paint and will try it on one of the cabinet doors this week to see how it looks.

Now where my hutch is is where the old owners hutch was and her is a bit bigger... they apparently build a soffet thingy over it.. and as mine is shorter..... you can see under it... and talk about some reallllyyyyy old ugly wallpaper... will prob tear it down and put the molding with the rest... Here.. take a look

This is the current wallpaper... you can see where I am pulling it down and you can see on the left is the blue paint under it.

See the reallly ugly paper... and if you look on the very left you can see where the stovepiping for the cookstove used to be....
So... now its time to see what I can do... cheaply....

The countertop is a gray/white speckled counter..... will have to leave it or now... or use the counter paint to re-do it...

Keep watching for updates....


  1. I painted my daughter's bedroom walls red and it was a bear. It took 5 coats of paint! But it looks good! I'm not sure why it takes more paint for walls then it does to paint furniture red.
    You have a bit of work to do on your remodel, but I'm sure it will be well worth it.
    We just redid my son's kitchen. It was fun to see what it looked like when we finished.

  2. Hey girl! Hope you guys are doing well. When we lived in NC, we painted the lower portion of Brandon's bedroom walls a deep red. I loved it! But it did take about 3 coats of paint for the look I was after. I am getting ready to start on my kitchen makeover too, and I am gonna paint the lower portion of the wall in the dining area red and go with a tan color for the top, seperated by a chair rail. The rest of the kitchen will be done in the tan color but I am painting the kitchen cabinets RED!!!! I am so excited! I am going to try that counter top paint you mentioned. We looked at that at Lowe's last night. Here, it's only around $22 for the kit and since I don't have much counter top space, I think one kit oughta do it. I am going to go with black or midnight color for that project. Keep posting the pics. I am anxious to see what y'all decide to do.
    Love ya,

  3. You do have your work cut out for you, Karen, but think how great it will look when you're done! Putting your own personal stamp on things. Can't wait to see the progress!