Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Snow and Little Snow and a Stink Bug

Hello again folks. I guess like so many of you here on the East coast... we got snow again. I guess I really shouldnt complain as thus far its not been toooooo horrible (shhhh).

However, we still have February to go and that is typically when we get our largest snows. Thanks to my brother in law, I have not had to do much shoveling this year. He has done most of it for me and boy does my back ever appreciate it.
The snow we got the other night made driving home quite the activity. The snow was blowing straight toward the windshield making visiability just awful. However, once home it was beautfiul to watch... just looking up in the sky and seeing quarter sized flakes falling straight down and quieting the earth... just heavenly... So I wanted to share a pic of it with you... I had two.. but my phone/camera is not cooperating... (probably the user).
Shee how big the flakes were and how fast they were falling? Crazy.... See the tiny snowman on the right... My oldest daughter knows how much I LOVE snowmen so she made a baby one for me.... too cute!!!

Now... my headiing says.... Stink Bug... What the heck?
Did you know that the ugly stinky bug can sting? First of all... how the heck can those suckers be living in January... 2nd... oh yes... I found out the hard way... I was snuggling with my pillow the other night when all of a sudden I felt a sting on my chin... Dang it that stinker didnt sting me... or bite me or whatever it did... I have a dime sized mark on the side of my face... almost like a burn.... like you'd get with a curling iron.... but it also itches at the same time. I guess that stinker either didnt want to share my pillow or didnt want to cuddle. I tried to get a pic of it but the droid phone isnt user friendly to take self pics.. (or user error).

Either way, I will live... So... thats it for now... Watch out for those stink bugs and stay warm!!



  1. Hey, Karen! Great to see you again! You know what, I find a stink bug in the house about once a week lately - ever since I moved a picture - did you know they like to hide behind your pictures on the wall? Looks like they won't be going away next season, either. The one's we've been infested with here in PA are the brown marmarated stink bug, and yes they can bite!

  2. can stink bugs survive in the snowy season?