Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simple Joy~Beautiful Blessings

Its a cold rainy, icy morning here in central PA, but as I sit here sipping a hot cup of coffee, I wanted to share my thoughts.
I am blessed... Yes I whine and complain, and there are things that happen out of my control that I dont like, but I am truely blessed. Here are some reasons why: Some simple joys.....

A hot cup of coffee on a cold morning
Seeing the beauty of huge snowflakes falling (even tho I hate snow)
Ice coated trees- as long as the electricity stays on
A cute doggy snuggling in bed in the early morning
Two girls giggling in the night
No where I HAVE to be
Hubby being home
Teen in a good mood
Upcoming breakfast that I dont have to cook!!

This week has been crazy... Evaluations at work, more work than I know what do do with. A cranky 9 yo who is destined to be a lawyer who likes to argue about EVERYTHING. Then a pipe burst in the garage flooding it with about an inch or two of water. The first nice we had ice, I went out to pick up my teen and slipped down 3 concrete steps... and let me tell you... those bruises hurt. Thank God I didnt hit my head....

So... Friday at quitten time was a real joy.... had some me time. (if you call grocery shopping alone me time) and some cuddle time with the hubby...
So I am going to enjoy this weekend... Friends, food and fun is in order.

Have a happy weekend... and count your blessings...

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