Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Monday

WOW 5 days till Christmas!!! Where did the year go? Not sure we are going to have a WHITE Christmas.. but you dont hear me complaining at alll... NOOOOO SNNNOOOOWWWWW.....

Wanted to share a new addition to my snowman collection and my weekend project...
Now I loveeee snowmen.... Primitive, modern, fat, thin, I like'em all... So here is one we picked up on out trip to NJ to see a friend of ours...
Isnt he a cutie? Will have to put a candle in him and see how he glows... Will try to remember to take a pic of that too...

Now my weekend project was a fun one.. I had little elves as helpers so it did not go quickly but was entertaining.... I'm a semi soap maker (meaning I do it periodically and only do melt/pour) I hope to graduate to cold method soon... but for this adventure.... Here we are:

Very cute... my elves were amazed that I could make glad I can still amaze someone!!!

Stay warm folks!
Hugs and Blessings


  1. Morning Karen,
    I haven't been here in awhile...well, I haven't been on the blogs for awhile with all that there was to do but decided to make this morning my catch up morning.

    Thanks for always visiting me - I appreciate your wonderful comments.

    Your snowman jar is adorable and I imagine he'll glow just beautifully!

    Oh it's so fun to have little elves helping - they are so into things and that makes it so much more fun than getting the actual product made.


  2. Hey cuz! Love the snowman lamp. Too cute! I want some of that soap! Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, we are getting all the snow, I think! I hate it. Ready to move back south!