Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long Hot Summer

Wow, it's been forever since I posted anything, but living life to its fullest. We've been doing lots of riding this summer which gives me and the hubby some alone time without the kids and some adult time when we go to group events.
I must say I am very happy hubby decided to get another bike!
The event we attended last night was in MD for the Hometown Hero's organization. They had two of our wounded vets there who were gracious enough to be the spokepersons for the event. Hopefully they raised lots of money for this very worthy cause.
Here is a pic of just the IO guys and a few sponsors and our spokepersons. Several folks had already left so the group is actually a bit smaller and did not include us ladies or the motorcycle support folks. Sorry the quality is not great... but we had a great turnout!Here are a couple of us as well... 

All in all it was a great day... Weather was perfect for riding and the leather coming home last night really felt good!!
Would like everyone to keep in mind our group is sponsoring a Cancer Ride Oct 10th. It a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. All the bikes are donating $10 a bike. In addition we are accepting addtional donations as well and those names will be written on a poster board and we will ride in memory of or support of whomever you choose.... If you would like to dontate, let me know... if not, just pray for good weather and a good turnout!!
Well, thats it for me right now folks! Off to do some additional riding before the weather gets cold and I will start crafting again!
Thanks for stopping by.

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